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TimeTree Ads & Personal Information Management

TimeTree Ads
We have released a notice about our advertisement platform launch as of December of 2018. For more information please refer to our notice here:
TimeTree currently has three different platforms for advertisements.
Third Party Advertisement Network
Some advertisements may come from the following advertisement networks. Advertisements are based on your activity from Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and the appearing advertisements are not based from your activity within TimeTree but from each network respectively.
Also with third party advertisement networks, we do not share nor provide any personal information with such networks.
Opting Out
You may choose to opt out and receive a wider array and random advertisements for greater privacy.
How to Opt-out of the personalized advertising
- Go to home screen
- Tap device’s “settings”
- Tap “Privacy”
- Tap “Advertising”
- Tap  “Reset Advertising Identifier”
- Go to home screen
- Tap phone’s “settings”
- Tap Google, or open the the Google Settings app
- Under “Services,” select Ads.
- Turn on “Opt out of Ads Personalization” by moving the switch to the right until it turns blue.
If you have any inquiries, please contact us at support@timetreeapp.com

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