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What is the difference between a 'shared calendar' and a 'shared event'?

TimeTree offers two different sharing options.

One option is a shared "Calendar", the other is a shared "Event". 

Note: How to create a shared calendar and a shared event are different.


[1]Shared Calendar:

Convenient for sharing multiple events with different groups such as family, friends, coworkers, etc..

To create a shared calendar, invite members on Calendar More tab. (No an account registration required)

[2]Shared Events:

Convenient for sharing one-time event such as a party. An event host can select one group at a time and can be changed per event.

To create a shared event, invite members from Friends tab (An account registration should be required.) 

-Friends List for Shared Events

This allows you to create a list and add members whom you often share events with




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