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Adding recurring events

Creating regularly recurring events within TimeTree is an easy task! Every day, every 3rd day, fortnightly, first Friday of the month, twice a month, etc. 
1. Create recurring events

     1. Tap the event you wish to make repeating 
     2. Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner and then tap “Edit”  

(You will automatically be taken to this menu when creating a new event!) 

     3. Tap the small arrows in the middle of the screen

     4. Tap "Not Repeating" 
     5. Set the schedule as you'd like from here


2. Set different occurrences (Examples)

A. Fortnightly/Every two weeks

1. Tap “Weekly”

2. Tap “Repeat each week” and set the number to 2. This sets the event to occur every 2 weeks from the day that they event has been set

3. If you tap a specific weekday, the event will be scheduled for that day. For example, select Tuesday and repeat number two: The event will occur every 2nd Tuesday.

4. Set your end of repeat date if you'd like one


B. Every 2nd, 3rd, 4th Etc.

1. Tap "Daily" 

2. Set the regularity at which the event happens. For example, if you want an event to happen every 4 days, insert number 4 in this box

3. Set your end of repeat date if you'd like one


C. Once a month on a specific day

     When you set an event to reoccur monthly, the event will repeat each month on the date of the day you set the event for. For example, if you set an event on the 27
th, and then wanted to make that event repeat monthly, the event will repeat monthly on the 27th of each month. 
      You can also set a recurring monthly event for specific days only. For example, the 3rd Sunday of every month. You can do this by setting an event on the third Sunday of a month and tapping on “Repeat on the Week 3 Sunday of each month.” 



iPhone only: If reccurring yearly events created within a TimeTree shared calendar and are not given an "end of date" date, they will be scheduled to reccur for 5 years from the date that the event was created. 

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