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1. Create Account & Shared Calendar

■Create an account

After installing TimeTree, you can sign in/create an account using an email address or Facebook. Or you may click on 'Skip to start'. You can create an account to save your calendars and events later even if you chose 'Skip to start'.



■Create a calendar

You will be asked to name your calendar, add a description, or change the color of your new calendar.

if you wish to share your new calendar after creating it, select how you would like to send the invitation.

−Swipe right or left to choose the recipient, and click the tabs for the method of your choosing.

−Select how you would like to send an invitation.





(*)If the following invitation dialog does not appear after creating a calendar, Tap "More" and Tap "Invite people to this calendar". For more details please refer here.



If you'd like to invite multiple people at once, you can create an invitation link as below:




■Import events from other calendar(s)

If you have already saved appointments to your OS calendar such as Google and Outlook calendar(s), you can copy them and bring them all over to the shared calendar easily.

If you would like to do so, please refer here


■Ask members to join the calendar via the invitation


-Install TimeTree app if you don't have the app yet.

-Click the link "Join right away"

For more details, please refer here.


■Once members joined the calendar, you can see the progress on the "More" tab.





Congratulations! You have finished setting up.

If you have any questions, please contact us using our contact us form .


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