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3. Creating events


Tap the add.jpg button to open the ‘Create Event’ page. Enter the title and start time for your event on this page. If needed, you can also enter a location, choose to have it as a recurring event and add notes and other detailed information by clicking on ‘Advanced’. Once you are done, tap ’✓’ to save.



To add the time and date for events, there are two methods:

  • enter into the number pad
  • scroll to the desired number

We recommend the number pad for faster entry. For example, if you type “1200” into the number pad, TimeTree will automatically scroll to “12:00 PM”.

Click on the date field to bring up a mini calendar which you can select directly from. (You can see which days have the least appointments as well!) It saves a lot of effort once you get used to it!

 s_2-1.event_date.png  s_2-2.event_time.png


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