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How to clear all "Red-Dot" type notifications.

The following steps will clear all "Red-Dot" type notifications from within the app.

  1. Open the "Summary" tab (Summary tab will appear when pressing and holding the Monthly tab)



  2. Tap the "Summary" tab once more (The dialog  "Mark All as Read" will appear).
  3. Tap "Mark All as Read".

❖ For notifications within the "Feed" tab, simply tap on the feed tab by tapping "Feed" at the bottom of the main calendar screen. 

❖ To clear notifications withhin public calendars, simply tap on the public calendar in question to clear the notification. 

This will erase the red dot notification for all TimeTree calendars, with the exceptions of Notices. For information on how to clear notifications for Notices, please refer to our help page here. 

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