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Transfer data to another phone

In order to transfer your existing data to your new device, your must register your account with an email and password first. Registering your account allows you to store your calendars and information on our secure servers, making transferring between phones an easy task! 

For how to register your account (if you haven't already) please click here!

If you already have registered your account on your old device, you do not need to register your account again. Just login on your new device with your existing (registered) account, and your information will be automatically synced with your old phone!

Once you have registered your account, any information entered into your calendars and account will be transferred to your new device automatically, after logging in.

❖ This also applies to transferring to/from mobile and the web version of TimeTree. Simply log in to TimeTree on either platform with your login details and all information will be transferred across, if your account is registered.

If you have any questions, please send an email using 'contact us form' in the app.


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