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Using TimeTree with other OS calendars

There are two different ways to integrate OS calendars with TimeTree, see the options below.


1: Synchronize calendars using 'My Schedule/All Calendars'

TimeTree has a section to display multiple calendars including OS calendars named "My Schedule/All Calendars".  For more about "My Schedule/All Calendars", Click here

The following shared features will not be available between TimeTree and OS calendars.

  • Calendar Sharing
  • Adding members to events individual "Shared calendars".

You can view and edit OS calendar appointments in "My schedule/All Calendars".

At any point your OS calendars or TimeTree calendars have been updated, the changes will automatically be reflected within "My schedule/All Calendars".


2: Import calendars to specific calendars

By importing OS calendars to your TimeTree calendar, you and the members of the shared calendar can view, edit, and delete events to meet everyone's needs.

After importing an OS calendar onto TimeTree, we recommend to create future events manually than importing repetitively, as this may cause the TimeTree calendar to create duplicate existing events.

Changes made in your TimeTree calendar do not affect your OS calendar.


Please note that this is a one-way sync from your OS calendar to your TimeTree Calendar, meaning that changes made from the imported TimeTree calendar will not reflect on the original OS calendar.

For more information on how to copy OS calendars,Click here. 


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