TimeTree Help


Do you have widgets?

On Android and iPhone, a widget feature is available.

You can add TimeTree widget to your home screen, which allow you to display appointments on your "My schedule". 

How to Add iPhone/Android Widgets to your phone's home screen:

Click here, iPhone

Click here, Android

You can also choose from two different widget types,Month view and Day view.

TimeTree widget syncs with "My schedule". Make sure if you set a calendar to display on "My schedule".

Tap "ー" on the upper left corner.
Tap "My schedule" on the upper left corner
Tap "settings" on the bottom right corner, Choose a calendar to show


See below for usage instructions and features.

・How to confirm entry contents
Tap on the date of the entry you wish to confirm to display its contents at the bottom of the widget.

・How to make an entry
Press the "+" button in the top right corner of the widget to bring up the entry creation screen and enter your plans.

・How to "return to today"
Press the "Today" button in the top left corner of the widget to select today's date.