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Can you export events and sync TimeTree to OS calendars (Google Calendar etc.)?

Although you can import entries and events created from other calendars using TimeTree, you cannot export entries and events to another calendar at this time.


TimeTree works with Google/Apple/Outlook calendars. These are also known as OS calendars.

(Currently, TimeTree Android does not work with Outlook.) 

To integrate OS calendars with TimeTree, see the options below.


1: Import entries and calendars using 'My Schedule/All Calendars'

TimeTree has a section to display multiple calendars including OS calendars named "My schedule/All Calendars".  For more about "My schedule/All calendars", Click here

The following shared features are not be available between TimeTree and OS calendars.

  • Calendar sharing
  • Assigning appointments to members in "Shared calendar."

You can view and edit OS calendar appointments in "My schedule/All calendars".

Anytime the OS calendars are updated, the changes will automatically be reflected within the "My schedule/All calendars" section/tab in TimeTree.



2: Import entries and calendars to specific calendars

Import your appointments from your OS calendar into TimeTree so you and your fellow calendar members can view and edit them. 

After you copy your events into TimeTree from your OS Calendar for the first time, we highly recommend that you create new events in TimeTree manually rather than copying every time you create a new event to sync with your TimeTree calendar. Importing an OS calendar multiple times may cause the TimeTree calendar to create duplicate existing events.

This is a one-way sync from your Google/Apple/Outlook Calendar to your TimeTree Calendar.

Changes made in your TimeTree calendar do not affect your OS calendar.


For more information on how to copy OS calendars,Click here. 


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