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No notifications for Huawei Users

If you are using Huawei, TimeTree may not be able to send you notifications due to restrictions from your device and widgets are unable to be displayed due to the battery saving setting.

Check the settings of your device. 

Huawei  OS8

1)Disable Manage automatically for TimeTree

Settings> Battery> Start> App Launch >Turn off Manage automatically by tapping on the switch to the right of TimeTree

In the pop up menu, enable Auto-launch, Secondary launch, and Run in background options

Then, Tap on OK


2)Deactivate the power saving mode

Settings> Battery> Energy Saving Mode> Make sure "Ultra Energy Saving" is off


3)Disable Battery Optimization for TimeTree

Settings> Apps and Notifications> Apps> Settings> Special Access> Ignore battery optimization>Tap on TimeTree and choose Allow, then press OK



Huawei OS9

1)Deactivate the power Ultra saving mode

Settings> Battery> Power saving mode, check that Ultra power saving is off.

2)Settings> Battery> Other battery settings> Check "Maintain connection status even when terminal sleep"

3)Disable battery optimization

Settings>Apps & Notifications>Apps>Find Settings near the bottom of the screen

> Special Access> Tap on Ignore Battery Optimization> Tap on All Apps> TimeTree> Choose Allow 



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