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TimeTree Desktop: What you can and can not do.




① Calendar List

Display specific calendars or select multiple calendars to view at once.

② Expand Calendar List

Create a new calendar

③ Calendar Settings
Delete/Leave/Edit calendars. Click here to edit calendar name, cover image, color, etc. for individual calendars. Here you can also delete calendars you own or leave ones you are a part of.

④ Display Member List
View list of current calendar members/invite new members to your calendar. 

View which events members are attending by flicking the switch next to their name.

⑤ Calendar View Settings

Switch the calendar between monthly and weekly view.

⑥ Create an Event

Create a new event 

⑦ Profile and Calendar Settings
Edit Profile and Account settings. Change day the calendar begins on, 24-hour times, Public holiday settings and log out/delete your account.

⑧ Create a "Keep"
Keep plans that haven't been confirmed here. "Keeps" are events that haven't been fully worked out and can be easily slotted into your calendars at a later date.

◼︎ Features not yet added in the web version:

・ A Summary for the selected calendar,

・ Feed screen display

・ The ability to display OS calendars such as Google Calendar


Additional functions to come in the future.

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