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Search TimeTree entries

Users are able to search past, current, and future events in each calendar using keywords included within the events.


The search box is located on the upper right corner of the calendar:


  1. Type the title or part of the title of the event you wish to search for 
  2. Tap the result to view the event details page of searched events
  3. Tap "Display search results in calendar" 

 ❖ Please note that searches are calendar restricted. If you search for an item in your "Work" calendar while viewing your "Family" calendar, events within the "Work" calendar will not appear when using the search function.

To perform an advanced search, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the search menu and choose from the menu how you would like to refine your search. 

Attending events: Allows you to search only events you are attending 

Event Attendees: Allows you to search for events specific members of your shared calendar are attending

Search by event label: Allows you to search for events with a specific event label/color. 


❖ To search for multiple calendars, use the search function under "My Schedule/All Calendars"

❖ Events using OS calendar are excluded from search.

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