TimeTree Help


How to use 'Keep' (To-Do, Memo) function

Entries made in the 'Keep' tab are events with undecided dates.

'Keep' entries are useful for designing and editing events before sharing with other people, Creating shopping lists or to-do lists, and also to serve as a simple memo. Also this a useful feature for postponed events as well.

Dates can be added to 'Keep' entries at a later date. If a date and calendar have been selected for a 'Keep' entry, it will be moved to the corresponding calendar and will be removed from the 'Keep' tab. 


■ How to view the 'Keep' tab

You can find the 'Keep' tab on the bottom of your screen. From there you can check and create 'Keep' entries.


■ How to create 'Keep' entries

You can create new entries by pressing the + sign on the bottom of the screen from the 'Keep' tab.



■ How to move 'Keep' entries to calendars

After turning off the 'Keep an event without a date' and choosing a date, the entry will be moved to the calendar you are viewing.