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The Calendar is Not Updating. I Cannot See New Events.


1. Check the calendar to see if a member/you entered the event in the correct calendar

Since it is quite common to have multiple calendars and confuse them, it could be possible that a member/you may entered an event into a different calendar.

  • Please access the mainmenu.jpgMain Menu and select the intended calendar and check if the correct calendar was selected.




 Also, while creating an event from myschedule.jpg "My Schedule/All Calendars", a different calendar may have been selected.Please check and make sure the correct calendar has been selected.



2.Refresh the calendar

Fully close the TimeTree App and reopen the App.


3. Old app version

If you or a member is using an older version of TimeTree, often, data can not be added or read. Please have the app updated.




 4. Relogin

If you are either getting an error message, or still unable to see entries, please try to relogin following the steps below.

  • Select the mainmenu.jpg Main Menu
  • Select your profile image to access profile settings
  • Select logout


※Please keep in mind that, if you have not created a TimeTree account prior to logging out, all information will be lost and unrecoverable.

If you do not have an account, please refer here.


Contact us if you still experience the issue after following the steps above.

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