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How to use TimeTree on Apple Watch

TimeTree's summary view can be seen from your Apple Watch.
※ We released TimeTree iPhone Ver.6.5.0 that includes complication support for the Infograph faces. (Feb.04, 2019)
■ How to sync
1. Complication settings
 You must add TimeTree to your complication
 A.How to add TimeTree
  Open the Apple Watch app from your iPhone
  → Tap「My Watch」and select TimeTree
  → Select TimeTree from「Installed on Apple Watch」
  → Turn on「Show App on Apple Watch」
 B.How to bring up TimeTree's location
  Select the App Layout and tap and hold down on the screen.
  → Tap「Customize」from the App Layout
  → Turn the「Digital Crown」and select TimeTree
2. How to have your most used calendar appear
 Open「My Schedule/All Calendars」from your iPhone app、and turn on the calendar of your choice.
3. Syncing process
 Depending on how many events you have on your calendar, the sync process might take up to a couple of minutes.
 Proceed with the syncing process with both iPhone and Apple Watch screen turned one.
 Syncing with both screens on will help the process to be done faster.
■ Issue with not being able to load
 In case when you have an issue with loading or failure to load your events, please try the following items.
  • Restart Apple Watch
  • Restart the TimeTree app from your iPhone
  • Update WatchOS
  • Reinstall TimeTree app
  • Wait after opening TimeTree app

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