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Using & Managing Services Outside of TimeTree

Connecting & Using Services Outside of TimeTree

What are services outside of TimeTree?

TimeTree has been preparing to introduce various API services outside of TimeTree that can be used within TimeTree that will enhance and simplify your experience. Applicable services will only be limited to services that has been created using TimeTree API by the providers.

How to connect

As each service is different from another, the way to connect may differ from service to service. We kindly ask you to check directly with the service you wish to connect.

Disconnecting Services Outside of TimeTree

Please follow the steps below to disconnect and remove the service from TimeTree.

  1. Login into TimeTree from TimeTree Web
  2. Select settings after clicking on your profile icon
  3. Select 'Linked Services' from the settings
  4. Select the service that you no longer wish to be linked and press 'remove'.

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