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My Birthday isn't in any of my calendars!

If your birthday isn’t showing up in your personal calendars, there might be a couple of reasons as to why.  
•The setting is disabled in your profile settings  
1.Tap on the 3 horizontal lines mceclip1.png in the top left hand corner 
2.Tap on your account at the top of the side bar 


3. Tap “edit” in the top right hand corner 
4. Set “Display birthday” so that the green is on “Show”  mceclip0.png
•Your profile for a specific calendar is set to not display your birthday.  
1. Select the calendar 
2. Tap “More” in the bottom left hand corner of the screen 
3. Tap the gear mceclip3.png icon in the top right hand corner 
4. Tap “User Settings” 
5. Ensure that “Calendar profile settings” is turned off 
     -If this is set to on, tap “Untitled” below it and ensure that the switch next to the birthday is set  to “on” 
When viewing TimeTree’s “All calendars” view, user’s birthdays are not displayed. This is in order to simplify the “All Calendars” view. If birthdays were displayed, the birthday would appear multiple times on the day. For more information about what the "All Calendars" view is, please click here. 


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