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How to remove Notification Badges from the app icon.

Sometimes, on the homescreen of your device, there may be a small red dot that sits in the top corner of the TimeTree app icon. If this icon is not cleared once you open the app, often the cause for this is that there is information the app that remains unread.

In order to clear this sometimes sticky notification badge, please follow these instructions.


  1. Open the menu by tapping the 3 horizontal lines mceclip0.pngin the top left-hand corner
  2. Tap the "Notices" tab in the middle of the three options at the top of the menu and clear your notices of any notifications

  3. Swipe to the left twice to reach the page containing your shared events. At the top of this page select "Inbox" and clear your inbox of any notifications.


    If you are still having troubles clearing your notifications, please to refer to another help page dedicated to a similar issue, found here

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