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Can I use TimeTree offline?

You can register and edit events on your shared TimeTree calendars when you are offline.

However, events and edits made when offline are not immediately reflected in other member’s calendars.

Events and edits are automatically reflected in other member’s calendars when you reconnect to the internet.

<Offline functions>

-Registering and Editing events in your own calendar

-Registering comments on your own calendar screen.

Events registered or edited in your own calendar will be automatically updated in other member’s calendars as soon as your are back online.


However, comments are not automatically updated and must be reposted manually.

Error Messages:

Iphone: Error: Failed to connect to server (-1009)

Android: Your post was not completed due to unfavorable signal conditions. By launching the app in good signal conditions, you will automatically be able to re-post.

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