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Using other OS calendars in TimeTree

TimeTree works with Google/Apple/Outlook calendars. These are also known as OS calendars.

There are two ways to display other calendars in TimeTree:

  1. Synchronize other calendars to TimeTree
  2. Copy/Import other calendar appointments to TimeTree


1. Synchronize other calendars to TimeTree

TimeTree has a section that displays multiple calendars named "My Schedule/All Calendars". You can also synchronize your other calendars to TimeTree by using this function. You can choose which calendars you wish to see in this view. For more information about "My Schedule/All Calendars", click here.

2. Copy/Import other calendar appointments to TimeTree

By importing OS calendars into your TimeTree calendar, you and the members of a shared calendar can view, edit, and delete events to meet everyone's needs. More about importing here.


  • Synchronize from TimeTree to OS calendar is not available
    • Schedules entered to TimeTree are not directly reflected in the OS calendar
    • You can use the copy function to copy entries from TimeTree to OS calendar, but this can be done only one by one

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