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Amazon Alexa Integration

Alexa can now tell you your TimeTree Today's Schedule and Tomorrow's Schedule!

  • Listen to today's schedule
    "Alexa, tell me today's schedule from time tree."
    "You have n events today. From 10:00, xxxx ..."
  • Listen to tomorrow's schedule
    "Alexa, tell me tomorrow's schedule from time tree."
    "You have n events tomorrow. From 10:00, xxxx ..."

If you have more than one calendar, Alexa will automatically connect to the topmost calendar in your list by default.   

  • Check the currently connected calendar
    "Alexa, which calendar am I connected to?"
  • Switch calendars
    "Alexa, connect to my [n]th calendar!"

Visit our Amazon Skill Store page to connect your Alexa to TimeTree.

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