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Events cannot be viewed or shared with others

If you or another member is unable to see an event created in the shared calendar even though the creator of the event is sure that they have created the event, there could be two possibilities as to why the event is not viewable to other members.

The most common reason is that 1) the creator has created the event in a different calendar. The other is due to 2) a network error.



1. Event created in a different calendar.

Please be careful to select the correct calendar when creating an event. Having multiple calendars or calendars with similar names is often the cause of mistakes when creating events in the correct calendar.


There is also a chance that the creator of the event may have created the event in a different OS calendar while using 'my schedule/All Calendars'.


Please ask the creator of the event to check that the event was created in the correct shared calendar


2. Network Error

Temporary network errors may occur and this may be the reason that a created event is not shared with other members of your shared calendar.

In this case, please re-login, followed by restarting your device. The issue should be resolved after doing so.

If the problem is still present after following the steps above, please contact us and let us know the following: 

1) Name of the shared calendar
2) Name of the event(s)
3) Date(s) of the event(s)

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