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Updated 13.3.2020

▼Recent bugs under investigation:

  • iOS: The time of an event is shown differently than what is set. This issue is under investigation but most likely it will be fixed the following way:
    • Tap three lines in upper left corner for main menu
    • Tap "App Settings" and set the time zone applicable to you

Fixed bugs: Please update to the latest version of the app to fix.

  • Android Version 6.10.0: App language setting only allows "Default".
  • Android: The correct map information cannot be registered in location function. How to fix: Type in the location and do not choose search result location
  • iOS: In some cases, tapping an iOS invitation does not respond to anything. How to fix: Restart the app and send the invitation again
  • iOS Version 6.16.0: “Waiting for verification” is displayed in the profile despite being already verified
  • iOS Version 6.15.1: When creating event, the date will show one day earlier than set originally.
  • iOS Version: 6.13.1: App crashes
  • Android app version: 6.7.5: Cannot send message from the inside app -inquiry form
  • Android Version: 6.7.1&6.7.2: Calendar events disappear, go blank
  • Android Version: 6.7.1: Calendar is sometimes empty and all events disappear
  • Android Version: 6.7.1: When adding events that are suggested by "Event Auto Complete" they won't show correctly
  • Android app version: 6.7.5: Fail to send messages from app contact form.


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